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The Books That Could Be and Some That Are

I've come up with a metric crap-ton of series in my time. Many of these have had some pretty detailed thinking put into them. Others, not so much. These here are the current run of series - as fully flesh out as they were before I quit them or put them on hold - in a kinda' chronological order.

To go deeper, simply click the thumbnail to the left of the description. From there, you get to a pretty detailed page with characters, some background and possibly a script or two if I've got any.

The Contenders


"Magic comes from thine own immortal soul."

If you were looking for a place to start, this would be it. Prophet was the first book I ever came up with that wasn't a carbon copy of an existing superhero. It is also the one that went through the most changes before I set it down in writing.

The original premise was a husband/wife thing. The husband gets his hands on Merlin's book (Yes, that Merlin) and is changed when attempting a spell. His wife goes missing after an "explosion of power" and turns evil. It read like a bad Image comic rip-off so it was canned after many attempts to rework it. These included the yet unnamed man's wife being kidnapped and I believe I even had a bit where the government got involved.

Prophet as it is now was done back during my middle school years in 1995. The book is filled with magic and dragons all set in (at the time) present day Willimantic, CT. I took a que from Todd McFarlane and based some of the names on family and friends, going so far as to name the main character "Eric Amil." This was also done because of a thought that, if ever I lost my rights to the series, I would always have a part in it's mythos.

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Project: Alice

"AI - Artficial Intellegence..."

Project: Alice was built as a six part story surrounding a programmer, his creation and their attempt to stop a company from doing massive harm to the 'net via a virus and said programmer's creation.

As I've written many times before, Alice was written up during my time fiddling with an AI program of the same name. It facinated me that something so simple could come up with some pretty interesting responses just working on chance and wildcard bits. I even messed with a version (long since gone, unfortunately) and it kept throwing unexpected responses at me, stuff I didn't think it would put together even though I programmed it! There seemed an innocense of sorts in this creation, one that reminded me of another Alice and her adventures.

Hopped up on a deadly combo of Lewis Carrol, AI and insomnia, I penned Project: Alice. This would prove to be the first of many ideas born of bits and pieces of pop fiction and old stories.

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"What if evolution took a different turn..."

Instinctive was thought up during a car ride of all things. It was dark on the roads through Franklin, CT and my father and I were going out to pick up my mother from work. Dad saw a full hoodie in the road. It looked like it could have been someone in the road he and swerved to avoid it. Turns out it was just the wind.

I know, it's a lame origin but it got my mind going. Before long, I came up with the first Instinctive script - a long thing built completely on AIM conversations with my friend. For something that seemed like a one-shot, it has spawned a couple of other stories and scripts with a possible comic in the works.

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Biff the Vampire

Sweet Zombie Krishna! A Website!

"Such a Silly Name for Such a Silly Vampire."

Biff is my second attempt at webcomics (Prophet's Place being the first). It is also the first to make it all the way to a completed state of sorts. The stories get written down when I can, drawn whenever there is free time and pretty much the one with legs at the moment.

Biff started as a sketch and a bad joke and kinda' took off from there. So far, the story is a simple one: Stranger in a Strange Land style comedy with the added touch of my take on some of the more rediculous parts of folklore and popular fiction (Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, etc.). Vampires have always been an interesting topic for me. These undead critters are somehow sex symbols yet they can't even go out in the light or eat garlic. That's what I call fertile comedy grounds.=P

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The Froggy Gods

"In the beginning..."

Froggy Gods is a creation story I cooked up for my Bookmaking class. The final was to build our own myth. Having done up the first Froggy God some years before during the contruction of the "Frog Bridge" in Willimantic, I figured I'd use that as a base. The book itself was cool. It had foldouts and pop-up frogs and the text quite literally floated above the paper's surface. Unfortunately, due to piss poor paper choice on my part, the book fell to pieces almost immediately.

It wasn't a bad story, but I do wish that book would have held up better. Oh well...

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Modern-Day Metamorphosis

"Franz Kafka once wrote of a man who, in his hubris, awoke a monsterous vermin..."

Modern-Day Metamorphosis is pretty much what it says. Based on my take on Kafka's book, I started working up a one-shot story in my Scriptwriting class. I figured that, in today's age of electronics, the main character would still be able to find a way to communicate with the outside world. The lessons learned by Kafka's Gregor would fail on my Greg and I would have to find another way out.

To seal the deal, I thought of the one insect that the modern cube dweller reminded me of the most: Bees. Keep in mind, this also works on a fear level as well. I'm deathly allergic to bees, so are many others. They are quite the little critters and give many angles to work. When I drew up Greg for the first time, he ended up looking incredibly cartoonish. Not sure if this will work for or against me but I'll run with it all the same.

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