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Ren the Meerkat

  • Real Name: Ren Warren
  • Species: Meerkat
  • DoB: 04/20/86
  • Age: 17
  • Born: Red Bank, NJ.

Ren the MeerkatA highly intelligent person with a wasted youth. This is the best way to describe Ren. He lived with is family in the heart of Red Bank. He grew up entranced by the movies of Kevin Smith, taking a liking to the character Jay from Smith's films. Just before entering High School, Ren and his family moved to Orlando, Florida were Ren fell in with the "wrong crowd." He maintained an A average even though he skipped out early to smoke weed with his friends. Ren quit smoking long enough to get a job at Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, he was fired on the first day after being arrested for possession on park grounds. He tried to hide by claiming he was just another "Timon" actor. This did not go over well with his family.
After the charges cleared, Ren's family shipped him off to Connecticut to live with his grandparents in Willimantic. Ren has become the unofficial mallrat of the Mall, usually hanging around Prophet's Place bugging Tim and standing outside with Bob. After all this time, he's finally found a home.

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