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Bob the Computer

  • Real Name: Bob
  • DoB: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Created: Undisclosed Military Facility

Bob the ComputerBob was a military computer. A new type of advanced AI, Bob's main function was to "shoot stuff." Finding a major defect in Bob's systems, military officials and scientists working on the project put Bob into storage. The mysterious owner of the Mall stole a high powered laser from the military base were Bob was stored as well as the system he was stored on.
Bob still carries the defect to this day. Simply put, he doesn't like to shoot stuff unless annoyed. He is the main computer for Prophet's Place as well as a fill in shop keeper. He has a body constructed of aircraft aluminum, a small experimental power supply, wing and boot jets for short flights, and a heart full of gold. It is unknown as to if he still has the laser... no one really wants to be the person to find out.

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