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  • Real Name: Cynthia Lexington
  • Species: Raccoon
  • DoB: 10-31-87
  • Age: 16
  • Born: Willimantic, CT.

SinBorn and raised in Willimantic, Cynthia Lexington comes from a long line of distinguished raccoons. Her father is a physics professor at ECSU, and her mother is a private practice psychologist. Unfortunately, Cynthia's family status did nothing for her popularity in school. As Cindy grew up, kids and parents alike would shun her believing that she was a thief simply based on her being a raccoon. This stigma stayed with her throughout middle school, no matter how hard she tried people were afraid she'd rob them blind if given a chance. This was especially true for the human students, who teased her constantly.
Now in high school, Cindy hangs around with the outcasts and loners of her class. Referring to herself as "Sin," Cindy has become the ultimate in Goth Chicks. The students still keep a close eye on her, yet Cindy's intelligence and politeness has earned her the quiet respect from her fellow classmates and some of the faculty. Sin has been a regular at Prophet's Place since it first opened and even though she has a general mistrust of humans, she has taken a liking to the store's owner.

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