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Random Characters

These are the random characters I've come up with. They don't really have any particular projects they are connected to. I came up with them on a whim and gave them a backstory. Though I placed them into my Prophet's Place comic, they are the homeless ones.

To go deeper, simply click the thumbnail to the left of the description. From there, you'll get a pretty detailed character page, and some images if I got them.

The Bench

Tim The Polar Bear

Tim was thought up one Easter season when I found this little white teddy bear in a rabbit suit. Well, I bought the bear and figured that was all.
I noticed that there are noticably less of the Coke Polar Bear commercials during the bulk of the year. I chalked it up to seasonal hiring, thus these poor bears had to get temp jobs like Mall Easter Bunny during the year.

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Dr. Frank Drake, father of the Drake Equation and a founding member of SETI once said that, if mankind ever failed, raccoons would take over. Though a joke (I think), he had a point. They've got those little hands and all, it would be a simple matter of just waiting for the right time. Well, Sin came out of that idea.
She is the only character that I have who is directly affected by a real person, a close friend of mine who I based many of the character's responses and whatnot on. I've even thought of re-working her backstory from the original with said person.
Only time will tell, I guess.

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Bob the Computer

If you look around the webcomics world, you'll find an interestng effect on some of the funny comics and gag-a-day's. There tends to be at least one robot character in them. 4 out of 6 of the one's I read have had an automaton as a main or secondary reoccuring character at some point in time. That's were Bob comes in.
Bob was the product of too much time playing Megaman and too many webcomics. His only saving grace is that I equiped him properly, not just tossing out "Hey look! A Robot!" backstory.
Plus, he's shiny. People dig the shiny.=P

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Fuzzy was designed as the ultimate characture of every annoying kid out there hopped up on candy, caffine and anime I've ever met. This includes myself when I was younger.
The best story for Fuzzy is I drew him while watching squirrels in my back yard race around for no real reason. Nothing on the ground, nothing in the air, no real threats at all. They just ran around like crazy. Fuzzy pretty much is my "Red Shirt" or my Kenny - the one character I wouldn't mind roasting with a laser or dropping a piano on only to bring him back for more life threatening damage all over again all for a laugh.

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Ren the Meerkat

Of all the characters I've ever drawn up, this guy has to be the most interesting.

He started as a sketch from an old National Geographic clipping and ended up with a criminal background. Yet, folks seem to like the little guy.
Personally, I think it's because of the look. Stolen from Jay Mewes' own "Jay" (That lovable scamp of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame) and I admit it. What can I say, the hoodie and smokes look fits him.=P

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My only existing fan character.

Created for a contest over at devArt. The idea was to make a Digimon with a couple of folks winning in different catagories. Being a long time fan of the series, I threw my hat in the ring with this guy.
The name comes from an illustration by William Hogarth from the 1700's about Mary Tofts who, get this, said she gave birth to rabbits. Yep... rabbits. She was debunked and Hogarth drew up "The Cunicularii" in response to the hoopla. After seeing this piece at the Benton Museum, my mind started in on rabbits. One thing lead to another and I came up with this guy.

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