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During the age of Darkness, magic ruled. From this magic came many different creatures. There were dwarfs, pixies, and goblins, but the most memorable was the Dragon. Huge yet stealthy, swift and cunning, the dragon was loyal and highly intelligent.

For this they were hunted.

The surviving clans left Europe and disappeared throughout Africa and Asia, especially the orient. Worshiped as gods and praised as protectors, the Dragon Clans were respected and helped by humans. Learning magic and technology, they've found ways to disguise themselves. Making themselves smaller to survive and magic to sustain themselves, they walked amongst people undetected.
During the mass exodus from China to the US, a clan called Crash moved to Connecticut following a rouge member named Avodroc. Avodroc felt that all humans were to blame for the Dragon Massacre of the Dark Ages. He planned on using his knowledge of magic to bring back Merlin's spellbook from limbo and use it to destroy all of mankind.

Avodroc lived in peace with his family on clan Crash land. Through the years, the clan was protected by the master of the land. The Crash royal family named and protected the clan until their stepson came to power.
Word throughout the forest was the new king will destroy the clan. Avodroc heard this warning yet didn't heed it. He left later that night to blow off some steam after an argument between the members staying and leaving.
When Avodroc got word that there was a battle, he hurried home only to find a gruesome sight. The royal army had infiltrated the dragon camp through the castle entrance. Both parties suffered heavy losses. The royal army retreated to the castle, the dragons that could still manage healed the wounded. Avodroc went back to his home toward the rear of the cave... his family was dead.
In a fit of rage, Avodroc fought his way into the castle. Breathing fire and casting spells, Avodroc killed the royal family, guards, army, and anyone else he found.

Returning to the cave, he and the survivors left to find the others. From there, they made their way to the orient... learning new magic through the years. At the advent of modern technology, the Crash learned the best ways to mix magic of the dark ages with the "magic" of the 20th century.

Avodroc was created 8-1-98 by Erik Amill and Chris Cordova.

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