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Eric lived like everyone else... almost. Eric lived a little in the past. He liked cartoons, video games, and reading. He still held onto his childhood dreams, fantasies of dragons and magic. One day, on his way home from school, a tall old man bumped into him. The man dropped a strange looking book and amulet. He also knocked Eric out cold. When Eric came to, the old man was nowhere to be seen. So like an self-respecting person left sitting near strange and mystical-looking objects, Eric packed them away and went home. Once there, he brought them into his room to check them out.
After about ten minutes of trying to open it, Eric took out the amulet. He noticed the impression of a blade on the back. He set the amulet by the book when suddenly a blade popped out and a matching hole opened in the book! Eric was impressed... shocked, but impressed.
Realizing the amulet must be some sort of key, Eric put the blade into the hole. A bright, white light flashed! An overwhelming feeling of enlightenment came over Eric as the magic from both the book and amulet surged through every fiber of his being! Then, everything went black...

An hour later, Eric came to. He could faintly hear his mother calling for him from downstairs. He was still a little groggy from his catnap.

"Whoa... what a rush." he said.

He picked up the book and amulet and put them in his closet. Figuring it'd be best to do a damage check before he went downstairs, Eric opened up his bedroom door and made his way to the bathroom.
"Damn... I've gotta' start shaving more." said a vaguely feline face in the mirror. It took awhile, but he soon saw the face of a cat staring back at him!

"What the hell did that thing do to me?!" he said, a little louder and a bit nervous.

Eric made a mad dash back to his room to look in his own personal mirror. What he saw made his jaw drop. The image in the mirror was not his own, but that of a cat in wizard's robes. Eric ran to the closet and found the book lying open. It was on a page with a glowing paragraph.

"Magic comes from one's immortal soul. If one's soul is powerful enough, it shall rise to the surface and make itself known to the world."

Eric stared at it for a second, trying to figure it out when the book shut itself!
Eric went over it some more in his mind and thought "If magic comes from the soul, then I have some inside of me all the time. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough on my old looks I'll be human again!"
Easier said than done. It took awhile, but finally it happened. Eric looked in the mirror and saw his good old human self again! After all this time hearing about magic and spells, growing up on tales of wizards and spellbooks he finally knows the truth. He now knows magic really exists!

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