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Techie a.k.a. Albus Mus

The difference between Albus and Philip is like night and day. Al is the youngest of the two. Al is also albino. In school, teachers kept a close eye on him. Kids were told to by parents not to play with Al for fear he might snap and attack them. Al's only real friend was his older brother.

In school, Al excelled. Being one with few friends may have been boring but it gave him plenty of time to spend on school work. Al even skipped ahead a grade, ending up in the same class as his brother, Phil. Being an outcast from the beginning, Al's good grades didn't help. So Al started dressing in black, wearing green goggles in an attempt to hide his pink eyes and to gain more attention from his classmates.

It was during this time that Al became interested in computers. Al and Phil became the perfect team. Phil built the machines, Al wrote the programs. When Phil went off to college, Al got a job fixing computers at a local computer shop. Al also started to tinker with the idea of wearable computers and Artificial Intelligence. His skills caught the eye of a businessman known online as Gates. Al, now calling himself "Techie", jumped at Gates programming job offer.

Techie brought his brother, who goes by the handle "Red", into this new company. They are Neuralnet Nanotech Industries' best workers and part of Gates' elite development group. Together, they track Fred and Alice for Gates.

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