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Red a.k.a. Philip Mus

The oldest of two children, Philip Mus was the family athlete. Phil has always been one for activities, even as a young child. Phil played midget football for a small local organization, even going on to being the star quarterback of his high school. In his spare time, Phil worked on machines. From cars to computers, Phil had a nack for building and fixing machines of all kinds.

Phil went into college immediately after high school. In college, Phil earned the name Red. No one understands why except his younger brother Albus, and he isn't talking. Albus did help his brother get a job at a start-up company called Neuralnet Nanotech Industries. Red's athletic skill and technical expertise help him in his new job as head of the Tech Department. Due to additional "responsibilities" and activities of a "sensitive nature", Red was forced to leave college.

On one such "overtime" job, Red "seized" a computer from the house of Fredric Moleman. He was later ordered by his boss, Gates, to track and retrieve a rouge experimental robot with his brother Albus. They now track Fred and Alice for their boss Gates.

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