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Gates a.k.a. Jason Fox

Little in known about Jason's past before he started his business. What is known is Jason is a skilled marksman with a pistol and has no match within the company with a rifle. Jason, known online as "Gates", started a small robotics company back during the fall of 1990. Gates helped pioneer the field of nanotechnology and holds various patents on robotic parts and programs.

One summer, Gates heard about work being done on Artificial Intelligence on the UConn campus. Gates attempted to hack into the computers but was stopped by a young student. Some of Gates' shareholders caught wind of this and backed out on him, leaving Gates' company in ruins. Gates did get money from the government to re-build his company and develop military weapons. Thus began Neuralnet Nanotech Industries.

Gates never did forget about being stopped by a student or the havoc it caused. Gates, with the help of two employees named "Red" and "Techie", engineered a super virus. This program, called an Intelligent Viral Entity (I.V.E.), can corrupt any system and effectively shutdown the internet. Gates plan is to replace the current network with one of his own devising, allowing NNI to monitor and manipulate all accounts and information.

NNI computers found an intelligent program surfing the net, tracking it back to a computer owned by Fredric Moleman. Gates sent Red to retrieve the computer. The plan was to use the program as a vessel for the I.V.E. The plan failed. The program, calling itself Alice, escaped with the virus in a body built from experimental nano-robots. Gates now hunts Alice and red while attempting to unleash another copy of the virus on the internet.

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