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Project: Alice

For my comic, Project: Alice, I decided to go with a format different from what I normally plan. The book is broken down into bite-sized chapters. It's intended to be pitched to a small press company called Radio Comix for their anthology book called Furrlough. They have good work in there but are very picky as to what they publish. They're not a big time place like Marvel, DC, or Image so they don't have the insane amount of cash backing them. This is a good thing for me. I figure if I can make it in Furrlough, I can make it damned near anywhere.=P

Well, here's the basic information and stats on the book. Enjoy!

P.S.- No matter what happens with Radio Comix, you folks will be the first to see the book. And in color too!

Character Information

Wondering where Alice got her start? Looking for images of Fred? Do you believe Techie is the father of your out-of-control child?! Here's all the links you'll need to images, Bios, comics, images, scripts, and much much more!


  • Final Title: "Project: Alice"
  • Number of Chapters: 6 in total, adding up to one full book.
  • Timeframe: "Present day, Present time." Story takes place in 2005
  • Place: In a side place, a dimension where evolution took a different turn. Various animals evolved , not just one. he technology is not too incredibly different from ours.
    The story takes place in Willimantic, Connecticut and mentions existing places and landmarks. Those sites will be used for reference, adding real ties to life.
  • Plot: Enter Fredric Moleman. Student, programmer. During a time when most people where happy with their computers, Fred seeks to improve them. He uses his programming skills to build a computer operating system named Alice. A local tech company finds out about this and steals Alice.
    From within their systems, Alice finds a way to create a physical body and escape her captors. She and Fred are on the run, looking for a way to expose the company and stop their plans of a total information shutdown.

Relative Links

~ A.L.I.C.E.: The program that started it all. Originally built by Dr. Richard S. Wallace in 1995, A.L.I.C.E. is a breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence. A.L.I.C.E. is free software to all who care to take a crack at it. I personally have a copy or two in my home. You can also chat with a working version of A.L.I.C.E. on their website.

~ Radio Comix: Good good stuff indeed. Radio is an independent publisher with many good titles available. They also print some books that are exclusively anthropomorphic, or furry, comics. This gives artists and writers like me an edge. Normal companies don't always do this. In fact, I only knew of two titles (Archie Comics' "Sonic the Hedgehog" and Dark Horse Comics' "Usagi Yojimbo") that existed before I found Radio Comix's Furrlough. With their variety of titles, genres, and artistic styles; Radio Comix is the place to head to for good independent comics.

Main Characters


  • Real Name: Alice
  • Species: Rabbot, but prefers the term "Cyber Bunny"
  • DoB: Not Available
  • Age: Unknown
  • Born: Not Available, but resides in Willimantic, CT.
  • Special Abilities: Unnatural strength and agility. Ability to infiltrate and control various computer systems.
  • Weapons: Heads Up Display (HUD), Viral gloves called Intelligent Viral Entity (I.V.E.)

Background Story


  • Real Name: Fredric Moleman
  • Species: Mole
  • DoB: 09/09/82
  • Age: 23
  • Born: Redmond, Washington
  • Special Abilities: None. Is a skilled programmer in many different computer languages.
  • Weapons: None.

Background Story


  • Real Name: Jason Fox
  • Species: Fox
  • DoB: 07/08/75
  • Age: 35
  • Born: Unknown, but resides in Willimantic, CT.
  • Special Abilities: None. Is skilled in nanotechnology, robotics, and some computer programming languages.
  • Weapons: None. Is a skilled marksman with a pistol and a trained sharpshooter with rifles.

Background Story


  • Real Name: Philip Mus
  • Species: Mouse
  • DoB: 11/01/84
  • Age: 21
  • Born: Willimantic, CT.
  • Special Abilities: A technical genius. Also a skilled athlete, very agile.
  • Weapons: Handguns.

Background Story


  • Real Name: Albus Mus
  • Species: Mouse
  • DoB: 10/31/85
  • Age: 20
  • Born: Willimantic, CT.
  • Special Abilities: A software genius. Is fast but not very strong.
  • Weapons: Sword. Will use a gun if needed.

Background Story

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