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The Rules of the Road

This is my first attempt at a full fledged universe. That being said, these are the rules I've put in place to keep some manner of order to it. If you wish to do a story based in the world of Instinctive, I ask that you give this a good once over and stick to them.

1. There are no real genus limits. Any and all animals are up for grabs to use as an anthropomorphic race.

  • Try to stay away from animals that have gone extinct (i.e. - Dinosaurs, Giant Sloths, etc.). This is not because these animals are gone (Ties that Bind story has Ezo Wolves, long since gone from Japan) but because they died due to natural selection. Try to keep it to critters that dies out due to Mankind's actions.
  • No fantasy or mythological creatures that can't be explained within the rules of the universe (i.e. - Dragons, Chimera, Firebirds, etc.)
  • No hybrid creatures that cannot exist in nature. (i.e. - Cabbits, Jakalopes, etc.)

2. On the topic of Love Stories - It is a great tool for story fodder. Since the world involves anthropomorphic animals of different kinds and humans, this raises an interesting issue. Keep it away from the sexual.

3. Though the ideas are fantastic, there is no magic involved. "Magical" religious rituals are fine but true magic - Wizards, Witches and such - cannot be used. Technology is fine but only within reason. No use of future-style tech in ancient periods. (i.e. - 12th Century atomic power)

4. No Porn. Under no circumstances is this allowed. "Off Camera" scenes of sex, mentions of sex or porn, or sexual abuse are fine as long as they move the story along. Instinctive is a project for all ages but content of a highly mature content is right out. See it like this: If you wouldn't feel safe telling your story to friends/family/associates/the general public (i.e. - They would beat your ass), then that story is not to be told.

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